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DRS Ground Exper at Oak Island !

Written by D.Muller. Posted in News

ground exper curse detector of oak islannd

Terra Exploration Group Founders Bob and Robert Leonard  at the Oak Island Victims Memorial with the DRS Ground Exper.  Photo taken during filming of the History Channel’s  ”The Curse of Oak Island”

Stealth Scanner is now available

Written by D.Muller. Posted in News

We are proud to announce the launch of our new Stealth Scanner. It’s is a world premiere. It’s the first “invisible” device that allows you to find cavities, voids, tunnels and metals up to several meters below your feet. It also features a long range mode that allows to step in the direction of strong electromagnetical field disruption up to 50 meters around. It includes 8 super geophysical sensors (SGS70) that fit in a jacket. Everything is controled by a tablet PC. It’s very easy to operate as only 1 button is required to perform ground scanning in all 3 modes. Voids and metals appear in real time on the tablet PC, no need for a remote computer to analyse data.

The first thing you have to do is select the long range mode to identify sources of electromagnetical disruptions. Then use the 3d scanner mode to identify the nature of the target thanks to one of the 8 colors: metal, mineral deposit, stone, empty void, full void…Then use the sonar to determine depth of the target.

More informations at your local dealer:

Ground Exper 2014 offers manual discrimination

Written by D.Muller. Posted in News

Before Ground Exper, if you wanted a professional detector designed for treasure hunting that can reach several meters of depth, usually you have to use all metal mode Pulse induction metal with a one meter coil. Sometimes those units can get rid of non corroded ferrous shallow targets, but when you go deep below the soil they get confused and let you dig on iron and junk targets. Ground Exper now offers perfect discrimination. It can easily get rid of small or large iron objects whatever their degree of corrosion is. Ground Exper also makes difference between highly and medium conductive metals (such as mixed metals). It will also display an alert when reaching gold. You can select which metal you want to dig for and which ones you want to get rid of using one of the 5 presets: highly valuable, valuable, gold, ferrous, all metal. In this new PRO version, you can also manually increase or decrease discrimination on 5 levels to make sure you do not miss low conductivity targets.

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